Why LNG 

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), through its marine pollution protocol (MARPOL), is seeking convergence to zero emissions. This has been adopted by member states to address pollution in the oceans but is increasingly being used as an expanding regulation to encompass emissions reduction measures to the atmosphere. MARPOL Annex VI also requires reductions in NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions worldwide.  
Limits vary according to engine size, type and power. Current limits worldwide are based on a tiered system which has been tightening limits since 2011 and follows closely the direction taken by the land transport industry. 

NEWPORT TURN-KEY APPROACH FOR LNG AS A FUEL  Newport Shipping’s turnkey solution encompasses equipment procurement, full-scope design work, on-site project execution at shipyard and post-delivery financing. It is a one-stop-shop for shipowners to upgrade their fleet in order to comply with the increasingly strict environmental regulations.  We strive to be the trusted partner to our clients with comprehensive technical support and competitive commercial solution. 


Turnkey solutions for conversion and retrofitting of LNG 
Comprehensive works: equipment procurement, 3D scanning, class and detailed engineering and retrofit works at shipyard or with riding squad 
Guaranteed retrofit slot availability at partner shipyards at the Atlantic and the Pacific 
Favourable equipment lead time for owners from order to delivery at the shipyard 
'Pay as you Earn' payment scheme that minimizes cash outlay for shipowners 
'All in One' invoicing to include cost for equipment, spare parts, painting, etc. 
Up to 60% of total expense deferred over up to 5-7 years after vessel redelivery 
Immediate earnings uplift for shipowners through subsequent vessel operations 
No requirement for collateral or mortgage which frees up working capital for owners 


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